DBS (Disclosure and Barring Service) Check


Smiley’s Childcare Agency Ltd can process an enhanced DBS (Disclosure and Barring Service) check for you, whether you are a Nanny, Mother’s Help, Babysitter or Child minder requiring a new DBS check or if you are a Parent employing a Nanny, Mother’s Help, Babysitter or Child minder and you would like a new DBS check completed.

The administration fee for Smiley’s Childcare Agency Ltd to perform the DBS check is just £12.00 you will then be required, to pay a further processing fee direct to, the DBS company, which is £60.00.

Smiley’s Childcare Agency Ltd use a company called Civil and Corporate to carry out the DBS check. Once you have paid the £12.00 fee to Smiley’s, you will be asked to provide some relevant information so the DBS check can be processed.

We require confirmation of the following:

  • Full name, title, current address and date of birth
  • Valid email address and mobile telephone number
  • 5 years’ consecutive postal addresses (eg. From: mm/yyyy To: mm/yyyy)
  • Your National Insurance Number
  • Your town and county of birth
  • Any details of name/surname change (ie. If you got married – date you married) and you will need to provide a copy of your relevant Certificate/s)
  • A copy of either your Driving Licence (both card and counterpart) or Passport

As soon as Smiley’s receives this information the DBS check will be processed. You then will receive an email from Civil & Corporate with a link to their website – you will need to follow this link to complete your payment of £60.00 which can be done via World Pay or PayPal, once they have received this, your DBS will be completed.

This DBS check will belong to yourself, and a hard copy will also be posted to you directly. Therefore you will be able to use your DBS check for any job, anywhere you wish to pursue.

DBS Update Service

The DBS now also offers an update service, for a yearly fee of £13.00. When you apply for your next criminal record check you can join this new service. This means that you can give any future employer or nanny agency your permission to carry out an online status check by showing your certificate and providing your certificate number, your name and date of birth. This status check will allow potential employers know if any information has changed since the original disclosure. Using the update service will save you time and money when looking for employment.